Tony Morris

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Take your Sales to the Next Level.

Learn from sales expert Tony Morris about the ins and outs of closing sales.

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Tony Morris

Tony has helped over 29,000 salespeople across 25 countries, develop themselves to be the best version of themselves. He has delivered his keynote talk in 25 countries, and has written 5 books on sales. His first book, #1 Amazon for telemarketing, Coffee’s for closers, reached the number one spot.

Overcoming Sales Objections Course

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • Importance of researching prospects before reaching out to them, to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points
  • How to effectively communicate with potential clients by developing rapport, active listening, and using persuasive language
  • Create a structured plan for prospecting, including setting goals, identifying potential clients, and managing your time efficiently
  • Common objections and how to overcome them, such as pricing concerns, competition, or skepticism
  • Tips for following up with prospects, including the best communication channels, frequency, and the tone to use
  • How to track your prospecting efforts and measure your success, allowing you to optimize your approach over time

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