Tony Morris

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Take your Sales to the Next Level.

Learn from sales expert Tony Morris about the ins and outs of closing sales.

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Tony Morris

Tony has helped over 29,000 salespeople across 25 countries, develop themselves to be the best version of themselves. He has delivered his keynote talk in 25 countries, and has written 5 books on sales. His first book, #1 Amazon for telemarketing, Coffee’s for closers, reached the number one spot.

Overcoming Sales Objections Course

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • Learn how to identify what motivates your customers to tailor your pitch accordingly
  • Establish trust with potential customers to increase your chances of making a successful sale
  • Master negotiation strategies to handle objections and counteroffers
  • Understand the psychology of persuasion and influence to improve your sales
  • Learn specific techniques, such as the assumptive or alternative close, to move customers towards making a purchase

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